Extreme Honour System

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I got this idea the other day, which is impossible, but thats ok.

You know how when your looking for something on the internet like a song, movie, information ect, and they give you a taste of it but then want you to buy the rest? I hate that.

The vast majority of the time i think to myself 'theres no way in hell id pay for that' so i end up hopefully finding it free else where.

Enter the EXTREME HONOUR SYSTEM. Its a button on the webpage you click when you know theres truefuly no way in hell youd ever pay of it. This way the owner isnt losing money, because you wouldnt of bought it anyways, and you get what you want. Of course there would have to be something hooking up to your brain to see if you were lieing. Because despite the name its really not an honour system, it is was then you could just click the button and everyone would do it. Its just a name, not reflecting the actual idea at all... This device would probably make your head blow up i would imagine.

No need to go into detail about all the technical problems with this, unless we want to see how many we can come up with

White Coffee

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I got what i think is a pretty good idea the other day. White coffee. Meaning its not black. The point is that it wont stain your teeth. When you drink as much coffee as i do its something you have to be some what conscious of.

I dont know if there would be away to make it with real coffee. Youd have to extract the caffeine (very possible) and then mix it with something artificial that taste like coffee. Unless you could find some way to take the colour out of coffee.

Chances are that these steps would add to the cost significantly, so this might be the kind of thing you you buy at a Starbucks or something. I hate Starbucks but thats not the point.

I think its a good idea at least.

[@mik: Noo you got it wrong, i meant you might have to take the caffeine out of real coffee then put it into the new white coffee (assuming we go the synthetic route). Decafe is just wrong...]

New Layout

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Im messing around with this new layout, which is why it looks less then professional at the moment

Cant Sleep

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This is a pretty common problem for me. It started my first year of university, i have a hard time sleeping at normal times. My typical day goes like this

6am: wake up, feel like crap
6am - noon: feel like crap unless theres something big going on at work that demands alot of attention from me
noon - 4pm: feel alright
4pm - 7pm: get real tired again, sometimes nap but i try not to because it just makes it harder to sleep at a proper time again.
7pm - 10pm: generally feel fine
10pm - 3am: feel really awake and good

So i feel the best after 10pm, which makes it really hard to fall asleep at midnight like i ideally would every night. Tonight i originally went to bed at 12 30, gave up around 2 15. Its now closing in on 3 meaning best case scenario i get 3 hours sleep tonight. And despite getting only 3 hours sleep ill have the same problem tomorrow, although probably not as bad.